Starting a Yoga Practice: At Home vs. Group Classes

Holly Case, Freelance Writer and Mom of Three Boys

Yoga has so many benefits for everyone, but especially if you suffer from IBS. Not only is yoga a gentle form of exercise that virtually everyone can do, regardless of body shape or size, but it’s also a great form of stress relief. You’ll need to choose whether to practice at home or with a group in a studio. Here’s how to make the decision.


The Motivation of Having a Group

Practicing with a group in a yoga studio can give you more motivation. Seeing others who are dedicated to regular yoga practice can be very inspiring. You’re also less likely to blow off your exercise. Having a scheduled class time with other people can give you the extra push you need to go to yoga class.


Introverts, Unite

Practicing yoga in the privacy of your home can be a major benefit for introverts. Some people are uncomfortable in crowds or may be self-conscious about exercising. When you’re at home, you don’t have to worry about judgment from anyone else (even if the judgment is just in your imagination).


Real-Time Correction

Yoga is a gentle form of exercise, but the poses—also called asanas—need to be done correctly. If done improperly, you may not get maximum benefits from yoga practice. Poor technique can even cause minor injuries. When you’re taking a class in person, your instructor can help you correct your technique and avoid these problems.


The Economy Factor

Getting out to a group yoga class is more expensive and takes longer. Even if you choose to take group classes, you may want to develop an at-home routine as well. You can still get the good benefits of regular yoga practice, even when your budget or your schedule is a little tight.


Try Both Options

It’s a good idea to set aside any biases and try yoga both at home and in a group setting. You may really enjoy the camaraderie of practicing in a group setting. Introverts who are nervous about doing group yoga will likely discover that there’s not actually that much social interaction. But you may also enjoy the way that a yoga practice at home allows you to relax and unwind.


There’s no right or wrong way to practice yoga. The most important factor in gaining the benefits is simply that you do it!


‡ According to the National Institute of Health’s National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse, “Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a functional gastrointestinal (GI) disorder… [irritable bowel syndrome] is a group of symptoms that occur together, not a disease.”

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